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    We offer a complete range of LED lighting products specifically designed for housing all kinds of livestock. KEW LEDS products will not only save you energy but also increase your yield from your livestock. We will design a lighting scheme for poultry, dairy and pigs housing to get the required lighting levels to maximise yields and also reduce your maintenance and energy costs.

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    We have worked relentlessly with our partners in the transport industry to develop a range of LED products that meet the industry standards for safety and reliability . Rail , air or sea transporters we have LED solutions to save you money on your ever increasing maintenance and energy costs.

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    We offer a range of innovative, robust and superior quality LED lighting products for the industrial sector. Most of our products carry 5 year warranty and are maintenance free. We will work with our partners to develop the LED solutions in all industrial / commercial sectors to suit your workplace . If you are looking for reliability and longer warranties or LED solutions for industrial sectors needing waterproof housings , dimming capability or working in shock and vibration areas we have the answers for you.

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    We are looking for new niche markets to build our unique LED solutions and are looking for new partners to work with . We pride ourselves at offering unique solutions to our customers bespoke requirements. We will work with you to design and develop the right products for your

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Our business has been established since 1989 and has been involved in the lighting industry since that date . We have seen how the lighting industry has evolved over these years and the increasing demand to cut energy and maintenance costs . The demand for LED lighting has also increased and will continue to do so over the coming years . We are looking to become market leaders within certain business sectors by designing and manufacturing bespoke LED solutions to suit their specific markets. We have identified the need to build such products with reliability in mind using the very latest LED technology.

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